Rare Book Conservation & Restoration

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book Conservation & restoration

for rare and important volumes: 


  • Bound volumes from the 15th to the 20th century.

  • Leather, cloth, paper or limp vellum books.

  • Family bibles or photograph albums.

  • Repairs to text block pages, including mending and cleaning

  • Clamshell boxes or other enclosures can be custom made to store delicate items.


Rare books, or ones with sentimental value, can be conserved to repair damages and stabilize delicate materials. Where possible, the conservator makes every effort to retain the original binding materials, in order to preserve the historical integrity of the book. Stable, reversible repairs with new materials are added discretely to strengthen bindings, and cleaning can improve the visual aesthetic.

Rare books and family bibles alike deserve to be restored for future generations.