Consultation Services for Collections


  • Consultation on environmental conditions for display and storage of art and archival materials
  • Condition surveys for collections
  • Examination and condition reporting for insurance claims


Environment is a key factor in the condition and long-term preservation of artworks on paper, and damage can be avoided by taking proper preventive measures when storing or displaying items. 

If you have questions regarding proper storage or display conditions for your collections, such as lighting, temperature and relative humidity, pest control, safe storage or framing, we are happy to offer consultation. 

In the event of a disaster in your collection area, examination and condition reporting can be essential to beginning the process of remediation or instigating an insurance claim. We can work directly with your insurance company to examine and restore works damaged in flood or fire, or simply do an overall condition survey of items.  We work with both public institutions and private collectors to ensure the safety and preservation of art and archival collections.